Embassador of China held a meeting with a SCAAST delegation

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On 18 July 2013, Mr Duan Jielong, Embassador of China to Singapore held a meeting with some of the SCAAST Executive Committee members in the Embassy of China, and had a dinner with the delegation at the Residence of Embassador; accompanying Mr Duan are Mr Zhang Weicheng, Counsellor (Science and Technology), Mr Yu Yunfeng, Counsellor (Education) and Mdm Liu Hongmei, Counsellor and Consul-General from the embassy. Dr Lu Li, SCAAST Honorary President, and 9 delegates participated in the meeting and dinner; Dr Lin Feng, SCAAST President, Dr Li Erping and other Vice-Presidents reported to the Embassador on SCAAST’s roles in Singapore-China exchange, its major activities in the two countries, its membership and the on-going construction of chapters. Mr Duan introduced the framework of China-Singapore cooperation and the various aspects of the work in collaborative research and exchange of talents. On behalf of the association, Dr Lu expressed his appreciation to the leadership of the Embassy of China, and presented Mr Duan a trophy with the scripts of “任重致远”.