Visit by a Delegation of Guangxi Science and Technology Department

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Honorary President Dr Lu Li, President Dr Lin Feng and other SCAAST colleagues held a meeting with Director General Xie Naitang and his delegation of Guangxi Science and Technology Department (GXSTD) in Nanyang Technological University on 7 August 2013. Dr Lu and Vice-President Professor Shen Zexiang introduced to the guests SCAAST’s cooperation with GXSTD in the past and the on-going SCAAST Chapters. Director Zhang Xiaofei of International Cooperation, GXSTD, detailed the new “China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center” and the establishment of the technology transfer networks; he also expressed their interest in sharing of resources and project developments with SCAAST, co-organization of Singaporean companies and research institutes for linking with their Chinese counterparts, etc. Director Xie further addressed the opportunities for mutual development provided by the annual China-ASEAN Expo in Nanning city; he reviewed the rapid advancement in science and technology in Guangxi in the past years, and expected more collaborations between Guangxi and Singapore. Invited by SCAAST, Dr Dai Shiyan, Deputy Director of NTU China Affairs Offices, introduced a series of Master’s programmes and training courses catering to Chinese officials, which is much appreciated by the delegation. President Lin and SCAAST will continue to work with GXSTD to materialize the discussed proposals.