About Us 关于我们

The Singapore-China Association for Advancement of Science and Technology (SCAAST) is a non-political, non-profit and non-religious organisation founded by a group of professionals including scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs in Singapore. We aim to serve as a platform for interaction and collaboration in science and technology between Singapore and China.


  • To keep our members update about major developments in science and technology, as well as informed about upcoming conferences; to serve as a platform for our members to promote their research results and assist them in fostering partnerships to bridge the gap between research and commercialisation;
  • To organise various technological and industrial forums,training sessions, industrial attachments and to facilitate interactions between the academic and commercial sectors.
  • With a learned and well-known group of scientists and professionals, SCAAST is able to provide professional advice and consultations on scientific research, commercialisation and project management.


SCAAST welcomes all scientists and professionals with sound scientific, technology professional and or managerial achievements to join us as individual members. Companies and corporations are welcome to join SCAAST as corporate members.

新加坡-中国科学技术交流促进协会 ( 简称新中科促会 ) 是第一个经新加坡政府批准正式注册的促进新中两国科技交流的组织,会员由科技专家和专业人士组成,是新加坡及国际科技精英社交聚会和跨学科交流的平台。新中科促会是一个非政府,非盈利,非政治和非宗教的民间组织。


  • 向会员传达和介绍国际及新中两地重大的科技发展成果,重要的科技事件以及诸多领域的科技信息;
  • 为会员在新中两地提供发表专业成果的平台,项目转化的科技信息和专家人选,并协助会员推广研究成果,促进科技成果市场化;
  • 在新中两地举办各项科技专题研讨会、信息发 布 会,并与国际相关协会进行互访,促进交流,增进了解,加强会员与各界精英、专家学者的互动;
  • 组织协会内跨行业的交流,为会员提供各方面专业性指导及建议,促进各行业间的合作。