National University of Singapore (NUS) provost Prof Tan Eng Chye will succeed the current president on Jan 1, 2018

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Dear Eng Chye

Warmest congratulations to your well-deserved appointment as NUS President. Your appointment will no doubt bring NUS to new heights, and bring new hournors to NUS and Singapore.

I have recently been appointed the President of the Singapore-China Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology and you are our Honorary Adviser. The Management Committee of SCAAST have met a few times to make sure we work closely with the local universities and research institutes to establish better collaboration between Singapore and China. Utilizing the excellent complementary advantages of the two countries and the similarity in language and culture, SCAAST has planned many activities that would be mutually beneficial to both countries.

SCAAST will arrange a lunch with our expanded Advisory Board members to report to you our plans and listen to your comments and suggestions.

Congaratulaions again and hope to see you again soon.

Best regards
Ze Xiang


SINGAPORE National University of Singapore (NUS) provost Tan Eng Chye will succeed the current president Tan Chorh Chuan on Jan 1, 2018.
Prof Tan is the senior member of SCAAST Advisory Board.